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Joachim Fels

Chief Global Economist

Joachim Fels is Morgan Stanley’s Chief Global Economist. He is responsible for the
economics team’s bi-weekly flagship publication The Global Macro Analyst. He joined Morgan Stanley in 1996 to cover the German economy. He became Co-Head of European Economics, built up the Currency Economics Team, was the firm’s ECB
watcher, and then served as Morgan Stanley’s Chief Global Fixed Income Economist and Head of European Fixed Income Research. He previously worked at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (1987-92) and at Goldman Sachs (1992-96).

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Japan and the EU in the global economy

This report analyses economic issues facing Japan and Europe. It identifies some of the channels through which Europe can learn from Japan, and viceversa.

By: Guntram B. Wolff, Masahiko Yoshii, Zsolt Darvas, Joachim Fels, Takuji Kinkyo, Tomomi Miyazaki, Kiyohiko G. Nishimura, Michael G. Plummer, Peter Praet, André Sapir and Wataru Takahashi Topic: Global economy and trade Date: April 8, 2014