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Francesco Nicoli

Research intern

Francesco Nicoli is assistant professor of political economy at Gent University and affiliate fellow at the department of Economics of the University of Amsterdam. His work covers public opinion, EU governance, and experimental methods.

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How Europe can sustain Russia sanctions

Russia's war in Ukraine has underscored the need for Europe finally to invest more in its own defence and security. Such an outrageous act of aggression calls for harsh sanctions, which will require new policy mechanisms to help EU countries maintain solidarity.

By: Ana Palacio, Silvia Merler, Francesco Nicoli and Simone Tagliapietra Topic: Global economy and trade, Green economy Date: March 1, 2022
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War against climate change or a broad concept of security?

Many of the arguments which could justify “green growth” might have been employed equally well in favor of one of the oldest and most sizable government policies: military expenditure. Theoretically, military expenditure has been linked to many productivity-improving civil innovations, such as civil aviation or the internet. Large scale military spending has been used to […]

By: Georg Zachmann and Francesco Nicoli Topic: Green economy Date: June 5, 2012