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Francesco Nicoli

Research intern

Francesco is an Italian Citizen. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Relations at the Catholic University of Milan. He is currently doing a Double Master Degree in Economics and International Relations at the University of Italian Switzerland and the ASERI-Postgraduate School of Economics and International Relations. He is fluent in Italian, English and French and has some basic knowledge of Dutch.

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War against climate change or a broad concept of security?

Many of the arguments which could justify “green growth” might have been employed equally well in favor of one of the oldest and most sizable government policies: military expenditure. Theoretically, military expenditure has been linked to many productivity-improving civil innovations, such as civil aviation or the internet. Large scale military spending has been used to […]

By: Georg Zachmann and Francesco Nicoli Topic: Green economy Date: June 5, 2012