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Edward Calthrop

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Edward Calthrop is Senior Economist in the Environment, Climate and Social
Office of the European Investment Bank. After completing a Masters in
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from University College
London, Edward went on to complete a doctorate in economics from the
Catholic University of Leuven and a post-doctoral fellowship at Oxford
University. He has published on regulation and investment policy towards
network industries. After a period in the rail industry, he joined the Bank in
2006 where he has worked as a project analyst in both the transport and
energy sectors.

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Book/Special report

Investment and growth in the time of climate change

Largely focussing on the European dimension of this goal, this report considers investment and economic growth on a greenhouse-gas emissions trajectory that breaks with the past. At the heart of this analysis is the quest for economic efficiency. Considering trade-offs and government policy together, the key message from this report is that there is unexploited scope for making Europe’s climate action more efficient, growth-friendly, and in tune with fiscal constraints.

By: Georg Zachmann, Edward Calthrop, Armin-D. Riess and Atanas Kolev Topic: Digital economy and innovation, Green economy Date: June 13, 2012