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Diego Saravia

Diego Saravia is a Senior Economist at the Research Department of the Central Bank of Chile and professor of economics at Universidad de los Andes (Chile). He holds a PhD from The University of Maryland at College Park and a Master of Economics from CEMA University (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Previously he has been an assistant professor at the Catholic University of Chile and an economist at the Central Bank of Argentina.

His research focuses on the interaction of International Financial Institutions, capital flows and crises as well sovereign debt crises and the effects of fiscal and monetary policies.

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Working Paper

The response speed of the International Monetary Fund

The more severe a financial crisis, the greater has been the likelihood of its management under an IMF-supported programme and the shorter the time from crisis onset to programme initiation.

By: Ashoka Mody and Diego Saravia Topic: Global economy and trade Date: July 16, 2013