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Kick-Starting the Green Innovation Machine

Senior Fellows Philippe Aghion and Reinhilde Veugelers, with Harvard researcher David Hemous, write about the need for government subsidies in encouraging ‘green innovation’ in an op-ed for Vox, the widely-read web portal for European economic policy research. Another, less data-focused version was also published in German business newspaper Handelsblatt (10 Dec). Both pieces was based […]

By: Philippe Aghion, David Hemous and Reinhilde Veugelers Topic: Digital economy and innovation, Green economy Date: December 9, 2009
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Policy Brief

No Green Growth Without Innovation

This Policy Brief, co-written by Senior Non-Resident Fellow Philippe Aghion, Senior Resident Fellow Reinhilde Veugelers and David Hemous of Harvard University, attempts to change the terms of the debate surrounding climate change policy. The authors argue that policymakers should do more to encourage innovation and investment in green research and development rather than focusing solely […]

By: Philippe Aghion, Reinhilde Veugelers and David Hemous Topic: Green economy Date: November 23, 2009