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Damien Neven

Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute of Geneva

Damien Neven is Professor of Economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva and Senior Consultant at CL. He holds a doctorate in economics from Nuffield College, Oxford and has taught at INSEAD, the College of Europe and the University of Lausanne. He has acted as Chief Competition Economist at the European Commission from September 2006 to May 2011. He was closely involved in a number of key developments, both in terms of policy and case assessment. These included the adoption of the Non Horizontal Mergers merger guidelines, the Guidance Paper on the Priorities for the Enforcement of Article 102, the Guidelines on horizontal agreements and the Guidelines on the Submission and Evaluation of Economic Evidence. He has written numerous books and articles on competition economic and the economics of industry. His current research interests focus on merger control, exclusionary abuses and the coordination of enforcement across jurisdictions.

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Policy Contribution

Antitrust, regulatory capture and economic integration

The paper investigates the distortions that national competition authorities generate when they pursue non-competitive goals in favour of domestic firms, and discusses ways to address this negative policy development in a globalised world.

By: Mario Mariniello, Damien Neven and Jorge Padilla Topic: Digital economy and innovation Date: July 22, 2015