Non-research staff

Chloé Genicot

Operations Assistant (On Leave)

Chloé is the Operations Assistant in Bruegel and her main responsibilities are office management support off-line and on-line. Prior to joining Bruegel, Chloé has worked as an administrative and communication assistant for a Belgian brand in the catering sector. 

In addition to her work as an administrative assistant, she experienced entrepreneurial life being a personal trainer in private clubs such as the Aspria Group in Brussels as well as in B2B and coaching her own clients in their homes. Apart from sports, which is part of her DNA, she also devotes her free time to volunteering with the non-profit organisation FEEDTRUCK belgium, collecting, cooking and offering unsold food to the most deprived. 

Chloé is currently on leave. Please direct all relevant enquiries to [email protected].

Contact information

[email protected]