Research assistants & interns

Ben McWilliams

Research Assistant

Twitter: @McWilliamsBen

Ben is working at Bruegel as a Research Assistant Intern in the field of climate and energy policy. He studied his BSc Economics at the University of Warwick, with one year spent studying at the University of Monash, Melbourne. He then studied an MSc in Economic Policy at Utrecht University.

His MSc thesis investigated carbon taxation in British Columbia, Canada, and his research interests revolve largely around energy and environmental topics. Further research topics of particular interest include: economic history (20th century), labour markets, and industrial policy.

Ben is a dual English and Dutch citizen.

Contact information

[email protected]

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Blog Post

Covid-19 crisis: electricity demand as a real-time indicator

Comparing average weekday hourly electricity demand for the last few weeks to the year before, we visualise the moment when the current crisis began to have an impact on national economies and how large that impact was.

By: Ben McWilliams and Georg Zachmann Topic: Energy & Climate Date: March 25, 2020
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Policy Contribution

A European carbon border tax: much pain, little gain

The European Commission should not make the implementation of a carbon border adjustment mechanism into a must-have element of its climate policy. There is little in the way of strong empirical evidence that would justify a carbon-adjustment measure. Moreover, significant logistical, legal and political challenges will arise during the design. The EU should instead focus upon the implementation of measures to trigger the development of a competitive low-carbon industry in Europe.

By: Ben McWilliams and Georg Zachmann Topic: Energy & Climate, European Macroeconomics & Governance Date: March 5, 2020