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Balázs Muraközy

Balázs Muraközy is a research fellow at IEHAS. He received his MA (2003) and PhD (2008) in economics from Central European University. His main research interests are the behaviour of firms, internationalisation and regulation. His research focuses on export dynamics, the role of quality and innovation in exports and the determinants of firm growth. He has taught several courses inmicroeconomics, innovation and applied econometrics. He also has a regular column on economic and policy questions in Magyar Narancs, a Hungarian weekly.

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Still standing: how European firms weathered the crisis - The third EFIGE policy report

This report is part of the EFIGE project  and makes use of the data collected during 2009, a especially turbulent time for European firms. It provides fascinating conclusions showing for example that despite a synchronised, substantial macro-economic shock, the response of firms across Europe was rather diverse, with some of them managing to fare very well in the hardest hit industries and regions. The stylised facts presented in this report are important to bear in mind at a time when Europe is heading for another severe downturn.

By: Gábor Békés, László Halpern, Miklós Koren and Balázs Muraközy Topic: Digital economy and innovation, Macroeconomic policy Date: December 22, 2011