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Atanas Kolev

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Atanas Kolev is an Economist in the Economics Department of the European
Investment Bank. He joined the Bank in 2005 to work on the European
economy, European regions and business cycles. His primary fields of interest
are macroeconomics and applied econometrics. Recent research has been
concentrated on business cycle indicators, fiscal policy and climate change.
He holds a PhD from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

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Book/Special report

Investment and growth in the time of climate change

Largely focussing on the European dimension of this goal, this report considers investment and economic growth on a greenhouse-gas emissions trajectory that breaks with the past. At the heart of this analysis is the quest for economic efficiency. Considering trade-offs and government policy together, the key message from this report is that there is unexploited scope for making Europe’s climate action more efficient, growth-friendly, and in tune with fiscal constraints.

By: Georg Zachmann, Edward Calthrop, Armin-D. Riess and Atanas Kolev Topic: Digital economy and innovation, Green economy Date: June 13, 2012