This research project aims at analyzing, comparing and identifying synergies between EU and Korea macroeconomic policies, financial regulations and internationalization of the financial services industry in the EU and Korea. Four specific areas are covered:

The project includes a range of conferences, a publication and press efforts in order to promote mutual understanding between Korea and the EU, both among academics, practitioners, officials, and other experts, as well as among the general public.

Project duration: September 2011 – January 2013

The Korea Institute of Finance (KIF) brings its expertise by shedding light on the challenges and opportunities of Korea’s response to the crisis and the synergies in the internationalization of the financial services industry. The KIF will host the second conference dealing with the crisis response in terms of fiscal, monetary and fiscal policies, which is to be held in Seoul in December 2012 or January 2013.

Project leader:

Zsolt Darvas
Bruegel Research Fellow

Funding organization:

European Commission



E-book EU-Korea Economic Exchange


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