Global economics and governance

Coordinator: André Sapir

Contributors: Zsolt Darvas, Jean Pisani-Ferry, André Sapir, Nicolas Véron, Reinhilde Veugelers, Guntram Wolff, Ignazio Angeloni, Henrik Horn, Shahin Vallée, Jürgen von Hagen 

External contributors: Thilo Hanemann, Team from CEPII (Paris) led by Agnès Bénassy-Quéré

In this research area, Bruegel is analysing developments in the world economy, with special attention to the interactions between, on the one side, European (or European-based) actors and, on the other side, global actors and actors located in the EU’s neighbourhood. The three main lines of research are Asia (see Bruegel's on Asia), global governance and the relations between the EU and major regional players.