Deepening the EMU in a stable and coherent EU – how to proceed?

Debate on 30th Jan 2013 at 10:30am

Location: Bruegel

Deepening the EMU in a stable and coherent EU – how to proceed?

The crisis triggered moves toward a genuine EMU as a way to defend the Euro, an objective Hungary has always supported. The challenge now is to stabilize and strengthen the Eurozone without endangering the biggest achievement of European integration in the process – the reunification of Europe.

We must avoid the (re)emergence of dividing lines in Europe. Non-Eurozone countries have to maintain a balance of rights and obligations and avoid deterioration in their competitive positions so that their convergence to the Eurozone can continue. Institutional unity, strong common policies with an appropriate budget behind them, as well as a level playing field in the internal market are key to achieve that.

While the EU is responding to the crisis with a major overhaul, Hungary has also initiated wide-ranging changes since 2010. Debt reduction, budgetary consolidation and unprecedented structural reforms have been implemented to create the conditions for sustainable competitiveness. The other side of the coin, then, is how national and European reforms can reinforce, and not undermine, each other?


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